A collection of photographs by Damien Lovegrove

The photographs in this collection were taken in Holland, Cambodia, Spain, Norway, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

“Throughout this era, I was using small mirrorless cameras by Fujifilm. Having come from big and heavy cameras without a picture preview, this was a revelation. I loved the freedom of working handheld and using an LCD tilt screen to set my composition using prime lenses.

I loved to explore abandoned locations and as you will see below they became regular shoot spots of mine during this time.

One major highlight for me during this time was photographing Yulia, at the old casino on Bokor mountain in Cambodia. It’s gone now but that was the first of my epic workshops and the memories and friendships made on that trip will last a very long time.

The city is another source of colour inspiration for me. Here you will find harmonised complementary colours, muted tones and the design of architects lending a hand in the picture-making process.” Damien Lovegrove


If you have a spirit of adventure, a kind heart, and a creative mind, join me on one of my workshops. I’ll show you how to select and control the colours in a scene to create striking photographs. You can find details of my upcoming events here

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