The book - a ten year labour of love
       150 years of Lovegroves in Australia      


When Graham Lovegrove set forth to research his family tree in 1990, he little realised the scope of his endeavour and where it would eventually lead.

One discovery led to another and another. Before long Graham found himself with boxes of index cards, documents and photos, each containing large or small fragments of the Lovegrove story.

In due course Graham realised that if his "little hobby" was to be kept under some control, he would have to buy and learn to use a personal computer. Only in this way could he hope to introduce the necessary organisation which would be required to adequately handle all the information now coming into his hands. It was yet another challenge which Graham went on to meet in his usual inimitable style.

In a highly disciplined way Graham Lovegrove devoted at least two hours each week night to researching and compiling the Lovegrove story which will fascinate you when you read "Bramley to the Bush and Beyond". In all he has invested more than 5,200 man-hours into this "little hobby" and expended thousands of dollars of his own money as well.

As many readers will already know, Graham has politely pestered and cajoled hundreds of Lovegrove connections during the last decade in his search for information, documents and photos. So many of these enquiries have borne magnificent results.

Without the interest and generous contributions of so many "assistants" this project would never have progressed to the position it has now achieved. Graham would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all those kind and generous souls who put themselves out to help bring this book to fruition.

The writing and publication of a book was not on Graham's mind when he embarked on his research project. But now, some 10 years down the track since the project began, all of the patient work has produced that result.

As you read "Bramley to the Bush and Beyond" you will be introduced to well over 2,000 Lovegroves and be able to view more than 450 photos and drawings. Slightly over 500 pages in size, this book is now being offered to you for its approximate printing cost.

"Bramley to the Bush and Beyond" is a good read and an excellent reference repository for anyone interested in the Lovegrove family. We are pleased to commend it to you.

Southern Cross University Press has been chosen to print the book and it is expected that Graham will be in a position to lodge all materials with them during the latter part of September 2000.



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