Canadian extended Lovegrove family photo collage
  We meet up with lots of Canadian Lovegroves 

Amy Lovegrove, Gail and Jack Graham

Justin and Barry Lovegrove

Vancouver Lovegroves

Julie Colon and Ella Lovegrove

Esther, Iris and, Marion Craig, 

Esther Lewis, Kathy Pike and Iris Adams

Grenville Adams and Bill Craig

Grenville Adams and Sonia Scott

Joy Freeman

Barry Lovegrove

Julie Coton, Bev Burns and Ella Lovegrove

Joan Taylor, Vera Scarfe and Rhonda Leippi

Kathy Pike and Brienne Colon

Lori and Gordon (Jnr) Lovegrove

Mark Zaretski

Mike Burns

Rick, Carole and Shana Robinson

Barry and Carmen Lovegrove




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